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September 17th 2151

It is Carmichael's 10th birthday and the day he can become a complete person. Despite how much he'd been waiting for this day he was pretty nervous. Questions were bouncing around in his brain as he sat and waited in the waiting room.
What was his other half going to be like?
Would he be similar? Different?
Would he have blonde hair as well or a different hair color?
Too many questions, too much nervousness being caused by them.
"Patient Carmichael?" the nurse called from the door leading into the joining area.
Carmichael got up and followed the nurse. Both of her heads smiled down at him, reassuring him that everything was going to be just fine. She led him to another room and had him enter.
"The doctor will be with you in a few minutes. Take this time to get aquatinted with yourself." The door closed.
Carmichael looked around and saw a boy the same age as him sitting on a chair. This boy had brown hair and was almost the same skin color as him.
The boy looked up and noticed Carmichael, "Oh, so you're my other half?" He seemed to be just as nervous.
Carmichael sat down next to the boy, "Looks to be that way. I'm Carmichael, what's your name?"
"Hanson. You have a pretty unusual name."
"My parents were thinking of a name that would be good for when this day came."
"Mine too."
The boys laughed at that and started talking. Apparently they had quite a bit in common. Similar film tastes. Had read the same books. Even listened to the same music.
After about ten minutes the nurse came back, "The doctor will see you now."
The nurse led the two boys down the hall and into one of the joining rooms. The room was divided into two separate rooms, the joining area and the locker/prep room. The boys were greeted by the doctor in the locker room.
"Well now, I hope you boys are ready" the doctor said out of his left mouth.
"Before we begin just remove your clothes and put them in the basket provided" the doctor said from his right mouth.
The boys did as the doctor said before being led into the joining room and laid down on the joining tables. The doctor and nurse checked the equipment and hooked up a blood recirculation to the boys, injected the anesthesia and covered their mouths with oxygen masks. Within a few minutes both boys were out like a lamp.
"Begin the joining," the doctor said.
The doctor was an old hand at doing joinings, having done hundreds since his own decades earlier, and knew the safest way to keep vital losses to a minimum.
First he needed to get rid of the unnecessary limbs. He started by removing Carmichael's left arm and leg followed by Hanson's right arm and leg. Next he opened the area from the shoulder to hip to start removing the skin, bone and muscle that needed removing. Once that was done he had the tables brought together for he was ready to work on the organs. He first bisected the hearts and joined them together without losing a drop of blood. The next organ was the lungs in which he removed half of each before joining them together. He did the same for every organ after that before going on to join the blood vessels. That was delicate work, but with having two pairs of eyes he didn't miss a single one.
The doctor started sewing up the chest area before moving on to the genitals. They were always tricky but boys were far easier to work on since everything was outside. He sliced the genitals cleanly in half and started sewing them immediately until he had sewn all the way to where he had stopped earlier.
Very carefully the doctor and nurse flipped the boys over and he started sewing from the butt all the way up to the shoulder area. Now came the last incisions. The doctor cut two small incision wounds at the base of each skull and inserted the neurological chips before sewing the incisions up.
The doctor and nurse bandaged the sewn areas, carefully packing the groin area to insure proper healing, and they were done.

September 21st 2151
It's been four days since the joining. Carmichael and Hanson were kept in a medical coma to insure no sudden movements caused any undoing of the stitches. Everyday the nurse would come in and change the bandages to make sure no infections set in while also checking to see how close it was until the skin was smooth. Amazing what medical wonders could be done in the 22nd century.
Once the nurse came in and was satisfied with the healing process she got the boys prepared for awakening.
An hour passed before the boys woke up. They looked at each other and smiled.
The nurse came in with a food tray and smiled a lovely double smile at the boys, "Good to see you up and attum. You're ready for the next step of your joining, but I'm sure you must be hungry."
The boys put their hands to their stomach and felt a small rumble."Yes ma'am," they both said. They hurriedly ate the food, not really caring who ate what since it was going to the same place anyway. Satisfied that they'd eaten enough the nurse took the tray away and said on her way out, "You'll find clothes in the drawers next to the bed. Once you're fully dressed I'll take you to the joining therapist."
The boys gingerly swung their legs out of bed and carefully stood up. Their legs wobbled a little as they stood there. They took one step and fell down on their bottom.
"Might be best not to do that right now," Hanson said. Carmichael nodded in agreement.
They crawled to the dresser, grabbed the clothes inside and crawled back to the bed. They coordinated very carefully to get their underwear and pants on before pulling the shirt over their heads and pulling up the socks.
A couple minutes passed before the nurse came back with a wheelchair. She helped them into the chair and glided them down the hall to the joining therapy room.
The therapist looked much like a drill sergeant in appearance but the clothes, a shirt depicting a teddy bear hugging a sun, contrasted that so much.
"So, you are the latest joined pair, no? You may call me Dr. Ted." He said this alternating between both mouths as he finished a sentence.
"Don't worry, despite how he looks Dr. Ted is a very sweet and patient man," the nurse whispered to the boys before speaking up enough for Ted to hear, "Take your time now Teddy, newly wakers."
When the nurse left Dr. Ted crouched down in front of the boys and spoke, "Do you know what you are here for?"
The boys shook their heads.
"While you are with me I have to make sure you get fully synchronized. We'll take that a little at a time the first being to get you walking properly." Dr. Ted grabbed the wheelchair and glided it over to some rails, "Now grab hold of the rails. Don't be afraid to fall, everyone has trouble getting a hang of it."
Very carefully the boys got up and grabbed the rails, trying to keep their legs from wobbling. Dr. Ted walked to the other end of the rails, "Now try to make your way over to here. It will take some time but be patient and don't get mad when you fall. Just pick yourself back up and try again."
The boys took one step and then another, slowly making their way along the rails to where Dr. Ted was waiting and giving words of encouragement on how well they were doing.
Once they reached the end Dr. Ted said, "Good, good. Now try going back the other way and once you reach the end turn back around. Once I am satisfied that you can walk perfectly we'll move onto the next step."
The boys did as the doctor said. Each time going down the rails took less time than the time before. On the fourteenth circuit they were practically running down the course without using the rails.
"Good, good. Now this next part requires you to sit down," the doctor said as he led them over to a yoga mat. "Now comes what is considered the hard part for some. Now you've got to get your minds synched so that you can start thinking as one instead of two."
"But how do we so that?" Carmichael asked.
"That is something you have to discover for yourself, but I will give you directions to follow so that it'll be easier to achieve. Now close your eyes, all four of them, and take deep breaths. No not alternating, do it in harmony. Breathe together. Good that's good."
The boys listened to every word Dr. Ted said, correcting themselves if they started to stray. After a while it seemed like they were never going to achieve the oneness he was talking about. Then without warning it happened. Carmichael could hear out of Hanson's ears, feel the air being warmed by his nose and feel the light touching his skin. The same feelings were going on with Hanson as well, hearing and smelling what Carmichael was. Almost immediately their minds started to meld into that of a single being. Memories, thoughts, interests even how to play video games.
"I think it's worked." the boy said with both mouths once he opened his eyes.
"Let's test it to make sure. Now use your left head to look at the chart to your left. Turn your right head in the opposite direction. Looking at the chart read the top line."
"M, T, E" the boy said with both mouths.
"Looks like I'll have to do the final part. Boy look at me, we need to have it so your not talking with both of your mouths at the same time. Now do the same as last time but concentrate on speaking just with your right mouth."
"M, T, E" the boy said again, but with a noticeable worbling in his voices.
"Next line please."
"L, T, I, N" his voices were now out of synce but alternated between the letters.
"Next line now."
"X, Z, F, A, K" the boy almost gasped as he realized he said all the letters using just his right mouth.
"Okay, just to make sure you are able to do it without really thinking about it look at the poster you can see with your right head and tell me what is on it using just your left mouth."
"I see, a bird perched on a tree. There is a, meadow? Yes a meadow filled with flowers. At the bottom it says, WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO LIVE HERE?" the boy said using just his left mouth.
Dr. Ted gave the boy a hug for a job well done. "Now before you can leave I just want to hear one thing. Can you tell me what your name is?"
"Car""son" the boy said alternating with both of his mouths. "My name""is Carson."
Synchronize- Chapter 1: The Joining of Carson
Hello, this is the first chapter of Synchronize showing how the joining is done. I wanted this revealed at the beginning so that it wasn't some big mystery for the reader.
Carson by LDboy
This is Carson, the main character for Synchronize. The main part of the story will be about when the neurological chips installed in his heads malfunctions causing him to revert into two people again.

Name: Carson; Comes from the names of the boys joined together to become one, Carmichael and Hanson
Age: 23
DOB: Carmichael and Hanson were born on September 17th 2141; Carson was joined on September 17th 2151
Hair Color: Blonde (left head); Brunette (right head)
Eye Color: Green (left head); Grey (right head)
Personality: Kind, sweet, dutiful, hardworking, imaginative, caring, a touch shy, paranoid (once the chips fail)

Mature Content

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This is the story of the man known only as The Glass Man. Despite the efforts of the police and the FBI they have been unable to ascertain what his name before he became The Glass Man.


It was a very normal day when Glass woke up to find his fiancé had already woken up and gone to the wedding planner. He got himself ready to head to the planner as well. As he was heading out the door he noticed there was a message on the answering machine. He clicked the play button to listen to the message.
"Hey sweetheart! Have you left yet? Could you meet me for lunch at Gandalfini's later? Well I gotta go, bye."
Was this a wrong number? Why would some random man be calling his house? Glass decided to ignore the message as he got into his car and headed to the wedding planner's.
He just barely made it to the planner when his fiancé got called in.
"About time you got here sleepy head. I thought I was going to make all the decisions myself," she said jokingly to him.
"You could've at least woken me up," he said irritably.
"I tried to but you were out like a log."
The two passed by a mirror and Glass did a double take at his reflection. He could've sworn his reflection had looked jagged, but now it wasn't. He shook his head and continued down to the planners office.
An hour later they were done.
"So do you want to go to Gandalfini's for lunch?" Glass asked his fiancé.
A worried look flashed across her face for just a second but smoothed out when she said, "Honey, I'm so sorry but I already made plans to meet an old friend for lunch. I'm sorry for not telling you before."
"Oh, that's alright. I'll just go home and pop in a TV dinner or something."
"Thanks, I knew you'd understand!" She hugged him and gave him a kiss before getting in her car and driving off.
As he got in his car something ticked inside him, making him remember that message earlier and the reaction his fiancé had when he mentioned the same restaurant. He glanced at the rear view mirror and blinked. He knew he wasn't imagining it, his reflection had turned jagged again. Wanting to know what the connection between her reaction and that recording Glass put the thought about his reflection out of his mind for now.
Gandalfini's was one of the few restaurants in town and thus easy to get to. He parked across from the restaurant and scanned the outdoor seating. There he spotted her sitting with a man. He wouldn't have thought anything of it except that they were in a passionate kiss. Glass sped off to go home.
He just couldn't believe that she could be cheating on him, not when they were going to be married in a month.
Once he got home he decided to confront her about what he saw right to her face once she got home.
A couple hours later Glass's fiancé returned home.
"Sorry I'm so late, time flies when your spending time with old friends... What's wrong?" She saw him sitting on the couch with a look upon his face.
"Who was that guy you were with at the restaurant? I know all your old friends and he wasn't one of them. Furthermore why were you two kissing?" He said calmly not wanting to blast anger off in case he was wrong.
"You followed me? He was just an old friend who moved away when we were little. The kiss was just a custom from the country he moved to and I didn't want to offend him. Do you really think I'd cheat on you like that?" She said with tears starting to fill her eyes.
Not wanting to come off bad he said, "No, I was heading to McDonald's for a fish sandwich and got caught at the light by Gandalfini's and saw you. I just wanted to know it wasn't what I thought it was is all."
She seemed to buy it, "Next time don't jump to that sort of conclusion. It's very hurtful you know."
"Look I'm sorry but if the shoe was on the other foot... Forget it. What's the plan for today?"
"I'm just going to go upstairs and change for the gym. Just do whatever you want for the afternoon," she gave him a kiss on the cheek, "See you later."
She went upstairs to the bedroom and Glass turned on the tv. A documentary on glass was playing. Not really knowing what to watch he decided to watch it.
A few minutes passed and Glass realized his fiancé had yet to leave. Getting worried he went upstairs and saw the door was closed. He was about to knock, if she was changing she'd get really mad, when he heard her speaking.
"I've got him eating right out of the palm of my hand."
A pause.
"No he doesn't suspect. Nearly caught us earlier but I managed to convince him otherwise."
Another pause, longer this time.
"Once I'm married to that idiot we'll bump him off and cash in that insurance check. You know you're the only one I love."
Glass was stunned at what he heard. He just couldn't believe it. Not knowing what to do he knocked. There was a startled sound as he said, "Honey are you ready yet? It usually doesn't take you this long to go to the gym."
A hurried shuffling sound came from the other side of the door. "I'm sorry. I had misplaced my deodorant and was trying to find it. I'm leaving now."
Not wanting her to see him standing there when she exited Glass slipped into the bathroom and locked the door.
The sound of the front door closing signaled that she had left. He was about to leave when he heard a voice.
"Are you really going to let her get away with betraying your trust like that?"
Glass looked around for the source of the voice.
"I can help you get back at her for what she plans to do to you!"
It sounded like the voice was coming from the bathroom mirror, but that was impossible. Wanting to know Glass looked into the mirror and saw, not his reflection like he expected, but a jagged image of a man. A man made of glass and mirror shards.
"Who are you?"
"I'm you, or at least the you who isn't afraid to give that bitch a piece of her own medicine."
"Why should I believe you? What if you're just some demon or something trying to trick me?"
"In ancient times it was said that mirrors were a way to look into the future. I can show you what will happen when you do marry her."
Glass didn't know what to say now. He didn't want to believe what this, this thing, was saying but... "Show me."
The thing nodded and wiped it's hand across the mirror and the image changed. It showed Glass dead. Dead in his bed with blood everywhere. Standing next to the bed was his fiancé holding a knife and drenched in his blood. She had a sick and sadistic smile on her face.
Glass backed away, shocked by the image he had seen.
"Still don't believe me?"
Glass straightened up, "What do I have to do to prevent that future from happening?"
The creature just laughed and the mirror shattered into Glass's face. He expected pain but strangely there was none. He felt at his face and could feel jagged pieces of mirror piercing his face. After a few seconds the pain started kicking in.
It felt like his whole body was on fire. His skin felt like it was cracking and breaking open. Glass lifted one hand up and saw it going from smooth skin to shards of glass and mirror, giving his hand a jagged clawed look. The change spread down his arm and continued under his clothes. He couldn't see what was going on underneath but points were sticking out at his shirt and and pants, showing the same happening elsewhere.
After a few minutes the change had stopped. Looking into his arm he looked at his own reflection. He was shocked to see that he looked just like the thing in the mirror. Everything about his face was glass now, his eyes were many little pieces arranged to look like eyes, his nose just two slits between shards, his mouth full of long jagged pieces replacing his teeth and his hair was a mass of spiked shards. Lifting his shirt up the same was there as well with the shards arranged to look like a fit body. Looking down his pants everything was anatomically correct.
The things voice sounded in his head. "When she gets home do your worst to her."
Yes, yes he would. He'll make her pay for what she had planned. As his anger came on the shards of his body tilted to allow the sharp edges to protrude away from him.
It was close to 11 when she finally got home. She went up to the bedroom and saw Glass already in bed asleep. She undressed and climbed in next to him.
When he stirred she said, "Oh did I wake you? I'm sorry is go back to bed... Ouch!"
She had set a hand to pat his head and cut her fingers. She looked at her hand in shock and threw the covers off. She screamed at the sight of the thing next to her.
Glass laughed and set himself on her. He held her arms down with his jagged hands, cutting into her and drawing blood, and did the same with her legs. He inserted his glass junk into her ladybits and started thrusting, cutting her up and pulling chunks of flesh away. She continued to screamed and it was soon muffled as Glass gave her the most painful French kiss possible.
Oh how he enjoyed tasting her blood in his mouth.

When the police arrived the next day they couldn't believe the sight that awaited them. There were so many cuts and chunks of flesh missing the police officers couldn't keep their breakfast down. They investigated the broken mirror, but not finding any of the shards they couldn't make a definite conclusion. The days following they tried to locate Glass but could find no trace of him, making him the prime suspect for the time being.
A few days after the murder another death was reported. It was the man she had been conspiring with. The scene was just as horrifying as the first.
Months passed and the police had to close the case indefinitely.
Soon after the legend of The Glass Man started to circulate around the country, warning away unfaithful partners and people planning to murder their significant other.
The Glass Man- A Creepypasta Story
Hello all, I hope you enjoyed that little tale of what happens when a gold digger picks the wrong man to betray.

If you want to know more about The Glass Man here is his bio:

Name: Unknown (His original name is lost); Goes by The Glass Man or simply Glass
Age: Apparantly in his 50's but physically around 28
DOB: Unknown; Became The Glass Man in the year 1986.
Mission: To kill unfaithful partners and significant others.
Personality: Sadistic (when going after a victim), merciless (only to victims), merciful (to innocents), funny, fair, intelligent, honest, caring
Abilities: Can protrude the shards in his body to cut anyone, can use a mirror to show the future
Appearance: Completely made of mirror and glass shards in the shape of a fit human male roughly 28. When not killing he will usually wear a graphic tee, cargo pants, a beanie and a surgical mask.

Misc. Facts:
- If he is going to kill someone and finds out he's got the wrong person he lets them go.
- Despite appearing to be entirely made of glass and mirror shards, Glass still needs human sustenance to survive.
-Doesn't really like hanging out with other Creepypastas much but is an occasional aid to :iconpaladinsoftheunknown:

If anyone wants to draw what Glass looks like be my guest. I want to see readers interpretations of him. :)
So last night and this morning I had gotten some abusive comments from two artists on an innocent comment I made on a piece of art. Normally I would ignore fruit cakes like that but they were persistent and cussing and acting like I downright said something like 'shove it where the sun don't shine'. They didn't say that but that's how they made it out.
The art in question was a sketch or WIP of the main character of Assassin's Creed 3. The artist was one of those fruit cakes.
I would put my original comment on here but the artist has had it hidden so it can't be seen now.
And no I will not be putting their names here because I don't want to give them the satisfaction of getting a Mention notice.

Normally I don't post stuff like this but the way they were treating me was too much and I just needed to let it out.
  • Reading: Knife of Dreams by: Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X HD
In the year 2031 the Earth's population had exceeded the 11 billion mark. Despite the efforts of every government there simply wasn't enough resources to give to every single person on the planet. A new plan had to be thought of to prevent mass death from going on.
At first scientists thought to speed up the life cycle process for plants but the practicality of it wasn't feasible. Then it was thought to limit everyone to one child but they saw how unpractical that was. The next plan was to incur a mandatory contraception but public outcry had dashed the plans.
By the year 2035 one drastic plan was pitched. Conjoin two people together into one body. Half the resources would be needed to support two people sharing one body. The preliminary tests were challenging since even when finding two compatible people their bodies were rejecting each other after a few days would pass. Doctors and scientists worked and worked to figure out a way to make the conjoinment work until one day a bio mechanical engineer invented a neurological chip that would trick the bodies into thinking the other body was part of itself. The tests that followed had a 100% success rate that public use started immediately.
It took a few years for the conjoinment initiative to catch on but once people saw just how effective it was everyone started flocking to get in.
By the year 2129 conjoinment is a normal part of life and a mandatory right. The rules for conjoinment were simple:
1. Every child on their 10th birthday is required to go in for a conjoinment.
2. Once the procedure is done you are no longer two people but one person.
3. Take care of your body for it is the only body you'll ever have.
If any of these rules are ever violated you are subject for termination!
This is the prologue for a new story I'm writing called Synchronize. This takes place in the future when the population has grown so much drastic measures are taken to conserve resources. The story that follows is about what happens when a conjoinment fails for the first time, or more specifically when the neurological chip fails.
So last night and this morning I had gotten some abusive comments from two artists on an innocent comment I made on a piece of art. Normally I would ignore fruit cakes like that but they were persistent and cussing and acting like I downright said something like 'shove it where the sun don't shine'. They didn't say that but that's how they made it out.
The art in question was a sketch or WIP of the main character of Assassin's Creed 3. The artist was one of those fruit cakes.
I would put my original comment on here but the artist has had it hidden so it can't be seen now.
And no I will not be putting their names here because I don't want to give them the satisfaction of getting a Mention notice.

Normally I don't post stuff like this but the way they were treating me was too much and I just needed to let it out.
  • Reading: Knife of Dreams by: Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X HD


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